Static Cling Roll Stickers

Static Cling Roll stickers

The static cling roll stickers are those kind of stickers which have no adhesive on their back which makes them idea for repeated use. The stickers use statically discharged materials which get attached to the material when they are taken to a specific level.

These static roll stickers are useful when you want to have your stickers look beautiful and aim to use them on places where adhesive will leave some work.

The static cling stickers use material like paper, vinyl or PVC where each of the material type is statically discharged with electricity. The material gets charged and that electricity is then used to apply the sticker to the surface. The paper material stickers can be printed in different textures while the vinyl provides transparency while the PVC is available in multiple solid colors. The vinyl and PVC materials are also waterproof which makes them ideal for use in moist places.

The static roll stickers can further be customized by choosing your own shape like custom which will have any text on it or die-cut which can be printed according to your specifications. The standard shapes like rectangle, circle and square are also available. offer different personalization techniques including emboss and stamping which will let you achieve physical unique. The foiling in gold and silver can be used if you plan to get a shine effect. UV coating is also available to add an extra layer of protection.

The static cling roll stickers can be printed by us in low rates and without compromising the quality. The shipping is also done to any address in the United States without charging any extra amount.


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