3D Hologram Roll Stickers

3D hologram roll stickers

3D Hologram Roll Stickers are the ones which are printed on rolls of sheets on which these stickers are printed. These stickers like regular stickers but, they have special holograms with 3D shapes.

Holograms stickers are those kinds of stickers which have two way viewing angles and each angle gives unique. These stickers are mostly used by companies for logos or for placeholders and these stickers must be printed from specialized shapes.

The regular materials are used for the printing of 3D hologram stickers where paper, vinyl and PVC plastics can be used. The paper material printed 3D holograms are simple while the vinyl and PVC plastics offer waterproofing with vinyl being transparent. A specialized coating of shiny material is used on these stickers which have 3D shaped holograms which have effects.

Rollstickersco.com offer a variety of shapes for the printing of 3D hologram stickers where you can select from square, rectangular and circle. Additional shapes including custom and die-cut are also available where custom allows to print any kind of text with die-cut one being able to be printed in any unique shape.

Our customers can also select to have their rolled stickers printed and get them customized with additional information like embossing and stamping. The UV coating is also available which lets you add an extra layer of protection from scratches.

You can choose to have all your 3D hologram roll stickers printed at cheap rates and get them delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the United States without paying any extra fee.


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