Labels Roll Stickers

Labels Roll Stickers

Labels roll stickers are used as labels on the products, such as, bottles of soft drinks, medicines, chemicals, other solid products and so on. Typically printed on differing types of materials as per the nature of the product, the details printed on the label stickers are; brand name, make, name of medicine / chemical, manufacturing / expiry date, name of the manufacturer, price, safety measures, ingredients or some other details. To save the cost on the economy of the large scale production, the label stickers can be printed in rolls. The stickers printed in rolls can also be affixed, easily, during the manufacturing / assembling process. offers five types and designs of labels sticker, such as, rectangular, square, round, Die-Cut and custom and can be printed in any color, any size and any shape, depending upon the marketing plan and mix of the customer.

Paper (soft, strong, superfine, glazed or laminated), soft/hard cardboard, UV coated material, clear transparent / white Vinyl and PVC plastic in addition to the metal or metal foiled material is widely used for the printing of the stickers. Similarly, the images and text can be printed with different rich combination of full, bright, shining, vibrant and eye-catching colors if the labels are for the daily use or the product which is sold on the racks in the showroom or shopping malls. If the labels are to be used for the business or non-domestic product, the CMYK basic colors can also be used for printing of the labels.

To give the products a touch of the hand pulse effect, the labels can be printed on embossed and stamped material while the Gold / Silver foiled material can be used for the products of high-priced and luxurious usage.

The cheap but best quality labels roll stickers are shipped, free of cost, within the United States, whether the consignment is small or large.


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