Hologram Roll Stickers

Hologram roll stickers

Hologram roll stickers like regular stickers, but, a special kind of printing technique is used on them to give them a 3D effect. These stickers are useful when you want to give your stickers a unique look where they look different once seen from on certain angle while some other image or texture is showed once you look at the sticker from other angle.

The hologram stickers are used on places like books, as logos or even doors and windows to achieve shine effect. These stickers can also be printed from different materials but, they a special coating in added on them to achieve the hologram effect.

Rollstickersco.com offer different kind of shapes for the printing of the hologram stickers where you can choose from square, rectangle and circle as standard shapes while the specialized shapes like custom and die-cut enables you to get your desired text and shape printed respectively.

You can also choose from materials like paper, vinyl and PVC for the printing of the roll stickers. The paper material can be printed with your desired paper quality and can have any kind of text while the vinyl and PVC are waterproof. The vinyl materials can also be used to get transparency which added with the hologram effect looks attractive.

The foiling is added on these stickers on which the hologram effect is added which look shiny as well as have the 3G effect. You can also choose to have your stickers embossed or stamped to achieve personalization.

The hologram roll stickers ordered from us are ensued to be of top quality material and on-time delivery. The ordered are shipped free of cost to any location in the United States free of cost’s


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