Decals Roll Stickers

Decals Roll Stickers

Sometimes, stickers are required to be affixed, temporarily, and then to be removed and glued on some other thing or place, without leaving any residual. These Decals stickers are especially used by the businesses for use in the offices (to give guidance in the office premises, to be glued to the paper docs to give instructions to the workers and so on), in the day care centers, play groups, junior schools (to help in the learning process) and on the children & students notebooks (here; children can affix and remove the Decals without leaving residual or without damaging any product.

Decals roll stickers can be printed, particularly, in rolls to get the benefits of the economy on large scale production and get the facility of the gluing even during the manufacturing of the product. offers the five different types and designs of the stickers which are; square, round, Die-Cut, custom or rectangular and are offered in any color, in any shape or in any size, depending upon the marketing plan of the customer.

Decals rolls stickers are printed on the thick and strong material, such as Vinyl or PVC plastic or metal foiled material. Special type of glue is stuck at the back of the stickers which does not become the part of the surface upon which it is affixed; thus leaving no residual on the surface after the removal of the stickers. Special care is made during the selection of the material for the printing of the stickers to select the material which is durable, long lasting and can be used repeatedly.

The Decals stickers are printed with the color combination, as required for the target market in which it is to be used. For the children or school industry, the full, sharp, bright and eye-catching colors are used while the embossed and stamped stickers are very popular. For the very costly, high-priced or luxury products, the Decals stickers are printed on the Gold / Silver foiled material which can be reused, easily.

Cheap and best quality printed stickers are shipped, free of cost, to the customers, within the United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.           


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