Clear Vinyl Roll Stickers

Clear Vinyl Roll Stickers

Clear Vinyl roll stickers are hot popular in the business and house hold usage and are widely applied for the different domestic and business usage. Clear Vinyl stickers are used for the business & domestic products; child / ladies target market, for the glass windows, doors, walls, showrooms, neon signs, racks in the shopping malls, vehicles and for a many domestic / business purposes. To get the cheaper printing, the clear vinyl stickers can also be printed in rolls to get the benefits of economy on large scale production. Stickers in rolls can also be conveniently affixed during the process of manufacturing / assembling. offers five different types and designs of the clear vinyl roll stickers which are; square, round, rectangular, Die-Cut and custom and the can be printed in any shape, any size and any color, depending upon the marketing plan and the marketing mix of the customer.

The clear, transparent, of good opacity Vinyl plastic of good printable quality is used for the printing of the stickers. Images and text are printed with very good and rich combination of dense colors, such as, full, bright, shining, glowing, vibrant, lively and eye-catching colors though some of the stickers are printed with CMY basic colors. Again, different color combination of colors is used for different purposes. If the stickers are to be used to be seen in the night, different reflecting colors are used whereas the clear Vinyl stickers are to be used for the glass objects or the showrooms, different color combination is to be applied.

Embossed and stamped stickers are used to give touch of the hand pulse effect and ae affixed on the products which are displayed and sold the counters. Gold / Silver foiled material is printed and laminated on the clear Vinyl stickers to give of sense of extravagance and luxury comfort.

The cheapest possible but of good quality printed stickers are shipped, free of cost, to the customers within the United States, regardless of the size, value or weight of the consignment.           


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