Metallic Roll Stickers

Metallic roll stickers

Metallic roll stickers are used for the products where the permanence and life-long durability is required. The metallic stickers are affixed with the products in such a way that they become an inseparable part of them. Metallic stickers are used for the industrial / capital machinery, the domestic equipment, the electrical, home appliances, vehicles, the computers and so on. To get the cheap and industrially affixing, the metallic stickers are printed in the rolls to get the benefits of large scale production. offers five different types and designs of the metallic roll stockers which are; rectangular, square, round, Die-Cut and custom. The customer can order the printing of the stickers in any color, any size and any shape, depending upon the marketing plan of the customer.

The material applied for the printing of the metallic stickers is typically thick, tough, strong and durable. Metallic roll stickers can either be printed on the solid metal or can be printed on metal foiled material. But, to affix on the industrial or capital goods, the metal is typically used.

To print Images and text, any combination of the colors can be used but for the domestic and end user target market, the full, bright and eye-catching colors are used but for the capital, industrial machinery or the vehicles, the CMYK basic colors are preferred. The embossing and stamping is especially useful when the permanence is required. For the purpose, thick metal is used.

The cheap and good quality stickers are shipped, free of cost, within the United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.   


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